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Freeland Freight Services

Customer Testimonial

We recently had a client requirement for transport.

The collection point was further south and it was therefore perceived that we should use a transport company based in close proximity to the collection point. I chose against this however and to stay local with Freeland Freight Services based in Altens Aberdeen, who we have used for some years and boy did it pay off!

Unfortunately with the various stops, variety of transportation requirements within one job and volume of chemical being transported, there were many variables to be considered and therefore more chance of issues to arise. Freeland Freight however, went above and beyond what was expected to ensure the job was completed in an efficient, professional manner throughout. My reasons for choosing Freeland’s were simple:


We have used Freeland’s for some years now and have found they take on our transport requests for our clients as if it is their own contract.
When problems arise; as they often do at the end of the day or even worse the end of a day at the end of the week, Freeland’s absorb any associating stress by finding a solution before contacting their clients with what the potential problem is and how they intend to work around it.

Peace of mind

With Freeland’s positive business culture, it offers great peace of mind in knowing that they will deliver what has been agreed and will work around any issues.


Communication is literally second to none. We are kept posted at every step of the way as to the whereabouts of the transport, which enables us to be efficient with updates for our clients


As with most businesses now and especially being Aberdonian, we are always looking for the best deal. Freeland’s are very competitively priced against other transport companies and this along with the aforementioned reasons is why they’re my number one choice for freight services.

Thank you Freeland Freight Service, for helping us look good!

Philip Sutherland

About Philip Sutherland

Phil is 25 years old and has been working for Freelands for 5 years now. Working in the Transport Office he is also our Quality Manager.