Aerospace Business Consultants

We offer Inspirational Business Support, Product Marketing, Technical Representation and Sales Support and Management Development for the Aerospace & Aviation Industry.

We have a strong background in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry. If you are looking for consultancy support in this area we can offer a wealth of experience.

Together with our Network of Associates, we can offer Consultancy services covering nearly all aspects of the Aerospace/Aviation Industry, including the Manufacture, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Operation of Airliners, Commuter Aircraft, Corporate Jets, Fighter Aircraft, General Aviation, Gliders, Lighter than Air, Space, Military Aircraft (including Air-to-Air Refuelling, Fighters and Trainers), Rotary Wing Aircraft, Supersonic Flight, UAVs and VSTOL. Our experience gained in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry naturally lends itself to most other Industries Sectors, including Advanced Engineering/High Technology Industries. Our activities also include brokerage  of aircraft and engines (for acquisitions and disposals –  Purchases and lease deals) and the sale of packages of Aircraft Spares.

We have access to a Network of associate consultants specialising in Concept Development, Feasibility Studies, Design, Research and Development, Manufacture, New (and Emerging) Technology, Operations, Finance, Management, Project Management, Procurement and Sales.

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